Recipe for the Perfect Supply Teacher by Kristina Andreou


 1 cup of caring and kindness

 A bowl full of knowledge

 2 cups of encouragement

 6 and a half spoonful’s of creativity

 A tad of humour

 1 cup of flexibility

 A pinch of genius

 Half a cup of patience

 A dash of discipline

 1 pop of positive attitude


 Prepare 2 large bowls for mixing

 An electric whisk for blending all the delicious ingredients

 A baking tray for your teacher to bake on

 A warming oven ready to finish off your hard work


1. Place the cup of caring and kindness in a bowl with a pinch of genius. Gently stir the two together, making sure you don’t bruise the mixture!

2. Toss in a tad of humour and vigorously shake the mixture together! Once it has a fluffy texture, throw in the cup of flexibility and 5 spoonful’s’ of creativity, saving the rest for later. Whisk together.

3. Fling in a dash of discipline and a pop of positive attitude and beat together with the back of a wooden spoon (be sure the scrape down the sides of the bowl occasionally not to miss any of the mixture).

4. Add the remaining spoon and a half of creativity by dusting on top.

5. In the second prepared mixing bowl, sieve in 2 cups of encouragement and sprinkle with a bowl full of knowledge.

6. Slowly and steadily sprinkle the half cup of patience into the second bowl mixture and warm with your hands around the outside of the bowl.

7. Once this is completed, gradually pour the second mixture into your original bowl and fuse the two together with all your enthusiasm!

8. Finally, knead onto a baking tray, making sure your mixture is lying flat so your teacher wakes up comfortable! Place into the oven and watch your masterpiece rise!

Kristina is Relocation Consultant with Step Teachers


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