Supply Teacher Room 101

I have been asking for supply teacher faux pas from the recruitment agencies... And they have made for some comic reading!  Here's a selection: 

Collapse in class - drunk! - Anon
Telling the head where they're going wrong with their school! - Supply Desk
Pop home at lunch time as you live close to the schools and forget to go back because you get caught up in the house work! - First Class Supply
Don't just leave at the end of a 1 day assignment, speak to staff and give feedback. Will go a long way to going back! - Capita Education Resourcing
Don't make up your own directions. Trust us! We have tried and tested out directions. - Protocol Education
Don't give up on the way because of public transport. - Protocol Education
Don't leave before all marking is done and you've written handover notes. - Protocol Education
Don't forget to do the register! - Thames Teachers
Don't assume one day is not enough time to build a positive relationship with a student. It only takes a word to change a life. - Thames Teachers
Don't call in late using delayed trains as an excuse when BBC Breakfast is clearly audible in the background! - Thames Teachers
What do you mean, what is KS2? - Teach247
You took the photocopier room keys home with you? - Teach247
You left your jacket / phone on the coach with the Year 6 kids! - Teach247

If you are a supply teacher agency and have your own tales you'd like putting in The Supply Teacher's Room 101, please let me know!

Supply Teacher Room 101

Supply teachers at the ready? Then let's hear some of your Room 101 entries too!

People who ask you to do a date in school, you turn up and they have either changed their mind and not told you or made a mistake and YOU have turned down work elsewhere INFURIATING.....
The Supply Agencies!
When the supply agency has given you a wrong post code, now that can be infuriating.
Year 9s!
"Just because we have someone different in the room, doesn't mean you can be disruptive/loud/silly."
"We've got a supply!" cue jumping, yelling etc..
"Good luck- you'll need it!"
Drama lesson - act out different types of bullying.
Yard duty
Why aren't you a REAL teacher?'
Yr 9 behaviour group drama.....still having nightmares lol
"They know what to do"
"But you are looking for a permanent job aren't you?"
"Really you have a husband and family?"
Two stars & a wish...on every piece of work
At the end of the day..."Miss! Who is star of the day? They get to sit on the special cushion tomorrow."
"Are you a teacher or just a helper/supply?" Grrrr!
5 mins into break... "You are on break duty"
One of my failings - going into a cupboard off the hall and not 'my' classroom.
Really you are his princess? Really you are a mum (sideways glance) Sure? Do your kids like you miss?
"Go find your own friends Miss.. do you have friends?" Ah, bless the adolescent mind! have a day covering P.E, they know what to do.
Are you a sixth former?
Another teacher has logged you on (great!) but then it locks and you don't have the password.
Using the black permanent marker to write my name on the whiteboard eeek!
Pushing the wrong button to get out, setting off the fire alarm, still worth it for the hunky firemen!
My front tooth crown fell out flew across the room and I tried to stick it back in with bluetac in the cupboard.
You will have a lovely afternoon with year one comparing a 
Minstrel to a chocolate button to see which one melts fastest in their hands - Hahaha! They kept eating them and there was no sink in the room!
Cups that aren't washed out properly and have those cacky tea stains in them!!!
I once found a school dinner plate in a cupbourd covered in fag butts, I assume the teacher smoked in there at break times!



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