#SupplyChat Live Dates

#SupplyChat Live

For full details of #SupplyChat Live please visit the Facebook group

#SupplyChat Live works towards Aims 3 and 4 of National Supply Teacher Week:

  • To show appreciation for those working as supply teachers
  • To help combat the recurring feeling amongst supply teachers of isolation

It is a chance for supply teachers in the area to meet up and have a good old chat about work... Opportunities for most supply teachers to do this are slim... Do join us!  The events are purely social.  When you join the Facebook group, after reading the Pinned Post, go to the Events tab and click Join! 

Below are previous #SupplyChat Lives that have been held across the country. Please note that I no longer add current events as all details are within the Facebook group.

Sheffield: Saturday 20th June 2015

Preston: Monday 9th February 2015

London: Thursday 22nd January 2015

Newcastle: Wednesday 21st January 2015

Newcastle: Sunday 21st December 2014

Swansea: Saturday 20th December 2014

Preston: Wednesday 17th December 2014

Petersfield: Saturday 13th December 2014

Leeds: Saturday 13th December 2014

Preston: Friday 12th December 2014

London: Thursday 11th December 2014

Wakefield: Monday 8th December 2014

Penarth: Saturday 5th December 2014

Tonbridge: Wednesday 26th November 2014

Birmingham: Friday 21st November 2014

Preston: Wednesday 12th November 2014

Carlisle: Friday 7th November 2014

Newcastle: Thursday 30th October 2014

Liverpool: Tuesday 28th October 2014

Norwich:  Tuesday 14th October 2014

Cardiff:  Wednesday 8th October 2014

Bath: Tuesday 7th October 2014

London: Monday 22nd September 2014

#SupplyChat Live Details

#SupplyChat Live

26th February 2015

Having missed the #SupplyChat Live in Newcastle due to inclement weather, I didn't take much persuading to shoot down the M6 to Preston again. This time, we had a theme: pudding night!  Special mention goes to Amy as she managed to get free puddings for all :-D 


12th November 2014

#SupplyChat Live in Preston, even closer to home!  You wouldn't think it though, the length of time it took me to get there... I missed my turning off the M6, too busy singing along to my favourite cheesy radio station!  The Lancashire Massive had got to The Phantom Winger long before I did, and had a meal, so were well and truly settled into conversations about local schools... and the dreaded topic of... rates of pay!

7th November 2014


#SupplyChat Live in Carlisle!  The closest to my home yet, just a short trip up the M6 in the driving rain, and such a lovely, lovely evening spent in The Hallmark Hotel.  Chat quickly turned from supply teaching to alternative medicine, through living abroad and back again!

14th October 2014


#SupplyChat Live in Norwich was held in a lovely bar, serving great hot chocolate called The River Garden Pub!  Not so well attended, in fact, where were you all?!  Kate and I had a lovely evening chatting, and were so busy that the chocolate box didn't even come out of the bag!

8th October 2014


#SupplyChat Live in Cardiff took place in The Chapter Bar. That's Chapter, not Chapel! We had a great time, and the chocolates went down a storm! Points to note from the evening: read the location name before you set off, look for the red bag, don't leave before the chocolates are opened, and it's not always waitress service! 

7th October 2014


#SupplyChat Live in Bath was a simply lovely event!  We met at The Salamander in Bath where I tried hard not to steal some of the home decor items!  Points to note from the evening:  Don't mention your underwear in class, or caterpillars' movements, and buy the last round... It's the cheapest!

22nd September 2014

Thanks to all who turned up for #SupplyChat Live in London.  We met at Starbucks, London Bridge and had a lovely evening chatting, and all went home with a few freebies too!  Points to note from the evening:  even experienced teachers get nervous when starting on supply for the first time; some NQTs deserve to complete their induction year, yet struggle to get the opportunities; and don't leave it until the last minute to buy tube passes!




Supply Teacher Network Book Club

The first Supply Teacher Network Book Club started in January 2016 with 40 members joining in.  We aim to read one book each half term. The books are suggested and voted for by the members and members can nominate themselves to be the host.  The last day of each holiday is the end date so plenty of time. Everything happens within the Facebook event, so no-one need worry about location, it's a purely online affair!
If you'd like to join us, simply go to our Facebook page, and scroll through the Events section to find the Book Club.

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