STN - Countdown to Christmas Giveaway 2016

I loved our 'spur of the moment' Countdown to Christmas idea. I floated it to the admin team of our Facebook Supply Teacher Network, then put the basic idea to a vote of the group members. Within an hour of inviting NSTs (non-supply teacher members) to sign up, we had filled all the available dates and I had to release another batch of dates! Wonderful. Within a couple of hours, we had a waiting list for cancellations. 

The basic idea was this: each day from December 1st to 23rd, the assigned NST could post *one post* advertising their company, telling us what they do for their supply teachers at Christmas, how they like to celebrate etc. They could include links to their website, or social media pages too. In return, they had to have a little fun with us, pose a question, create a quiz, ask for selfies... and any supply teacher who interacted with them was in with a chance to win a prize! We set a minimum of £50 in high street vouchers to be given away during the day.

Take a look at what a few of our generous hosts thought of the event:

 The Countdown to Christmas was fantastic and Principal Teachers would love to be involved again next year if the opportunity is available! Without supply teachers choosing to work with us we would have no business to operate, so hearing ideas from the members of STN is invaluable in helping us shape our service and ultimately develop better working conditions for supply teachers. We have already started work on a new area of our website which will enable us to share resources for our supply staff (as recommended by STN members.) We will also make these resources available on a memory stick which will be given to all of our supply staff – again another idea from STN. Thank you again for allowing us to be a part of your community, and special thanks to all of the teachers who commented on our thread, taking time out of their day to speak to us. - Deborah, Principal Teachers 

 Firstly, thank you for organising this great initiative and allowing us to participate. We found all the Countdown Days very informative as the supply teachers gave us an insight as to what’s really important to them.   As an employer of supply teachers this provides us with great feedback we can use to enhance our employment support.  It was also nice to receive an email from the winner to thank us for the vouchers and that they will be very useful just before Christmas. - Pras, Genie Education

It was great to get direct feedback and ideas from supply teachers and was a lovely idea to give a well deserved boost by giving some vouchers just before xmas throughout December - Emma, Randstad Education

Thank you so much to Sharon and the team at Supply Teacher Network for letting us be a part of the Christmas Advent. We loved hearing from all of you and getting the opportunity to answer your questions and tell you a bit more about us. Hopefully our lucky winners enjoyed their reindeer noses and vouchers of their choice! It is going to be an exciting year for TeacherIn and you have nothing to lose by being a part of our community. Feel free get in touch and learn more! - Jaime, TeacherIn

A big thank to the admin team of Supply Teacher Network for giving us the opportunity to take part in the 2016 Christmas Countdown. It was a great way to meet lots of STN members, and the answers to our question – ‘Which CPD courses would you find beneficial?’ really gave us food for thought. First Class Supply already have an extensive programme of CPD courses scheduled for this year, but we will certainly be implementing many of your suggestions and adding them to our training programme! Congratulations to each of the members who won the £50 in M&S vouchers in the Christmas Giveaway – thank you for letting us know how useful you found these, especially just before Christmas! Very best wishes to you all for 2017, and thank you once again to the Supply Teacher Network, we hope to take part in more of these excellent initiatives this year. - Jemma, First Class Supply

Thank you to all the teachers sending in their fantastic heart felt stories, we are passionate about recruiting excellent teachers for our schools and love to hear why teachers enter the profession in the first instance. We are also happy to tell you that our beautiful office dog Trevor has since become famous with the help of STN so watch out for him in the New Year! - Charlotte, justteachers

STN - Countdown to Christmas Giveaway 2016

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