KS3 & KS4 Time Fillers - Review

Time Fillers for KS3 and KS4I downloaded both the KS4 and the KS3 time filler PDF’s onto my kindle so that I’d be able to refer to them without printing.

The layout of both PDF’s is very easy to follow, with the first section being split into separate subject areas with at least one time filler idea for one. The second section suggests cross-curriculum activities which could work well as a follow on from the first section's activity.

The KS3 time fillers are at a good level for that particular age group, I also like how the KS4 time fillers could be used to stretch some of the more advanced learners , for example the learning element symbols from the KS3 time fillers could then be stretched into Periodic table bingo.

One of my favourite cross curricular activities from the KS3 PDF is the dictation activity that also includes peer assessment. So often you need students to write something down in a particular way but it’s difficult to make sure they have done so without spending valuable lesson time. The suggested method in the PDF ensures that not only the students keep on track but by per reviewing can also highlight literacy errors amongst themselves.

In the KS4 cross curricular activity section you have some solid favourites such as mind maps and revision posters, but I particularly like the very last one as it’s a way to fill time at the end of class. Having the students self assess their learning before leaving the room is a great idea, and this activity gets them out of their seat which is brilliant for the more active students. On a personal note it would also allow me to leave a note to the normal teacher about which students struggled with the topic. You could also expand this activity but asking some directed questions and maybe coupling it with the pause pounce bounce method of questions. Having the students lined up from confident to unconfident would allow you to tailor questions to specific learners. It may even help you boost the confidence of some of the less confident students who when they answer a few questions correctly about the topic may decide to move in the line.

Overall I will find these pdf’s useful, as I am just entering KS3 and 4 from teaching FE I was worried about the level of work I should set and not having many resources to hand. These pdfs are short and to the point exactly what you need when a 5 minute activity needs to be pulled out of thin air. The fact that there are in some cases example questions you could use or an example definition makes it even easier. I will definitely be keeping these on my Kindle and taking them with me on my supply teaching placements!

The last page in each PDF is given over to different places you can access e.g. the authors twitter accounts, Supply teacher network facebook page and the main website. I would highly recommend checking them out.

Amy is a member of the Supply Teacher Network and is available for private tutoring: wagstaff-weston-tutoring.co.uk

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