Caught you being good!

Caught you being good cardsMany of you know Amy, one of my admin elves in the Supply Teacher Network. Here's one of the many things she's been doing in her spare time! 

Amy's Caught you being good! cards

Long ago in a land far away 
A supply teacher was finishing her day, 
The students had been good 
Not at all bored 
She decided they needed a reward,

Alas the merit system was out of bounds 
And the nice TA could not be found. 
She wracked her brain 
and stretched her mind 
And finally Caught you being good! cards were designed!

So if you need a physical card to show 
just how much your child can glow 
buy a pack of cards 
or three, 
good for you and good for me!

A brand new box of 50 'Caught you being good' business card size reward cards. These cards have been designed and brought into production by Amy after using them with students. They feature a chalkboard style background with chalkboard style writing in different colours for the message. 

Perfect as a physical representation of praise, for supply teachers unable to access the schools reward system, childminders, babysitters or for parents to use with their children.  The back is plain to allow notes to be written. The cards come in a small box for ease of transport.

I have a pack here for review and they're brilliant.  My 5 year old son is desperate to 'win' one, but I'm not cracking until after Christmas now, not while I have Father Christmas as a bribe for good behaviour already!  I'd like to wait until he's forgotten about them, and then surprise him with one every now and then.  He loves collecting 'house points' at school, and he's going to love collecting these too... I think I'll give him the empty box, and so he can watch it fill up again and I'm planning on writing the date and reason on the back of the card so we can look through them all when he's been awarded them all... I will aim for one a week, and that'll take us nicely up to Christmas, when we can, after reviewing them, send them up the chimney to Father Christmas as 'evidence' of him having been good all year! 

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