National Supply Teacher Week 2015 - Apple A Day Supply

We are supporting National Supply Teacher Week,
These are a few outcomes of which we seek.
Their importance will be highlighted, by making schools aware,
They need respect and appreciation, oh and to be treated fair…
We want to abolish the isolation that supply teachers may feel,
I hope you’re listening closely schools, it’s time to make a deal.

From the 15th of June this is what we suggest,
A big smile to all supply staff and to be treated like a guest.
A welcomed guest at that, one who perhaps deserves some cake,
Because come on lets face it, its for the children’s sake.
They’re the reason we’re all here, to help them on their way,
To nurture, teach and guide, to enjoy, flourish and play.

To show you our support, we will let all of our schools know.
The dates, the reasons why and how they can help this grow.
A guide to supporting supply teachers will be sent to all our schools,
Listing codes and things we need and a few quite easy rules.
Such as making planning clear and referring to us by name,
We want to get things right as wasted days are such a shame.

To our wonderful teachers, we offer a TA for the day.
That’s right, we’ll do the cutting, sticking…I’ll even work with clay.
We will spend the time with you, making you tea and taking groups out,
We will spread the word from within the school and make our presence felt!

 Apple A Day Supply, long-time supporters of National Supply Teacher Week, operate in and around Wiltshire.

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