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Late last year in November 2014, the BBC reported, “latest figures on teacher trainee recruitment predict a 7% shortfall for next September - the third in a row and supply teacher agencies are now turning to Canada & Australia in search of trained teachers”. The figures clearly depict the significant dearth of trained teachers in the country and an opportune moment for us to draw attention to the value that ‘supply teachers’ bring to the schools.

Filling in for absent staff is primarily what a supply teacher is expected to do, while ensuring that the class lessons provide the consistency for the benefit of the students and school.  The amount spent on supply teachers has “gone up by more than £50m “,  reported by Guardian, May, 2015,  due to  the gaps in school’s current staff teams having  increased significantly. In literal terms, the supply teachers are filling in for the inadequacies of the existing staff members and yet fall behind in their recognition when its time.

During the fantastic initiative of ‘National Supply Teacher’s Week’, we, at Total Assist Education wish to congratulate all the supply teachers for their endless efforts in this noble cause of imparting knowledge. Once said, “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instil a love for learning”. Our supply teachers invest themselves physically / emotionally in creating a bond with a new set of school children every day. It is commendable on their part, when compared to other staff who enjoy a few months of probation to settle into their new place of work and test the waters before they choose to dive into it.

In order to provide the much due recognition to our teachers and counter the media stories of teaching standards slipping, we have introduced the following initiatives to support our Supply Teachers :

· Offering CPD training to our teachers to hone their skills further

· Posting a link to this fantastic week on our email signatures and website to raise awareness

· NQT webinars and open days

· Supply Teacher of the Term Award. Our schools will be asked towards the end of each term for nominations. The winning teacher will feature on our website and social media and be presented with their award at the school.

With 95% of the schools coming back to Total Assist Education with repeat requests for supply teachers, as an organisation we ensure that we provide an added value to our teacher’s which goes beyond informing them about their place of work. With over 5 years of experience as an education staff provider,  Total Assist Education has dedicated field based officers , part of the compliance team who can also provide Basic Life Support and Manual Handling Training. We are ISO 9001 compliant and audited regularly by a qualified external organisation – Neuven – who awarded us a Platinum audit score, the highest award possible.


Total Assist Education is  always here to plug the gaps and engage at a personal level with our supply teachers to ensure we provide adequate solutions to any of their concerns. We welcome more teachers to connect with us to know and look forward to hearing from you.

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