Supply for Lunch

Supply for Lunch3rd December 2013 boasted two momentous occasions.


Firstly, it was the first ever Supply for Lunch.

'Why Supply for Lunch?' I hear you cry.

I sit most working days and eat lunch alone except for my dog.

And so do many supply teachers. Even if they are in a crowded staffroom. (Minus the dog in most cases, I'm sure.)

Supply teaching can be an isolating career. Venturing into a staffroom full of strangers can be daunting, yet it is the only time you get to talk to another adult some days!


So what is Supply for Lunch?

A termly event.

Here's the dream:

On that auspicious day, supply teachers across the country will make an extra effort to enter the staffroom to have their lunch.
Recruitment consultants will maybe join them.
Supply teacher agencies will perhaps provide lunch for them.
Schools will invite supply teachers into the dining hall to eat with the children, and the rest of the staff.
School children may perhaps Design A Lunch for supply teachers!


So what will you Supply for Lunch?

Ah, clever play on words there!

You could supply dessert.
You could supply an ear to bend.
You could supply conversation.
You could supply a freshly-made hot drink (if only eh?!)
You could supply a top tip for making the day a little easier.


Secondly, it was my 40th birthday. How did I celebrate? Fish supper with my little family - plenty of chips, mushy peas, and tomato ketchup!

Got something planned for Supply for Lunch? Let us know, and we'll let everyone else know, here!

Future Dates for Supply for Lunch

17th June 2014 (during National Supply Teacher Week)
2nd December 2014
10th March 2015
16th June 2015 (during National Supply Teacher Week)
1st December 2015

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