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Supply for Lunch3rd December 2013 boasted two momentous occasions.


Firstly, it was the first ever Supply for Lunch.

'Why Supply for Lunch?' I hear you cry.

I sit most working days and eat lunch alone except for my dog.

And so do many supply teachers. Even if they are in a crowded staffroom. (Minus the dog in most cases, I'm sure.)

Supply teaching can be an isolating career. Venturing into a staffroom full of strangers can be daunting, yet it is the only time you get to talk to another adult some days!


So what is Supply for Lunch?

A termly event.

Here's the dream:

On that auspicious day, supply teachers across the country will make an extra effort to enter the staffroom to have their lunch.
Recruitment consultants will maybe join them.
Supply teacher agencies will perhaps provide lunch for them.
Schools will invite supply teachers into the dining hall to eat with the children, and the rest of the staff.
School children may perhaps Design A Lunch for supply teachers!


So what will you Supply for Lunch?

Ah, clever play on words there!

You could supply dessert.
You could supply an ear to bend.
You could supply conversation.
You could supply a freshly-made hot drink (if only eh?!)
You could supply a top tip for making the day a little easier.


Secondly, it was my 40th birthday. How did I celebrate? Fish supper with my little family - plenty of chips, mushy peas, and tomato ketchup!

Got something planned for Supply for Lunch? Let us know, and we'll let everyone else know, here!

Future Dates for Supply for Lunch

17th June 2014 (during National Supply Teacher Week)
2nd December 2014
10th March 2015
16th June 2015 (during National Supply Teacher Week)
1st December 2015

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What's going on? Supply for Lunch - ActivitiesThe first ever Supply for Lunch is fast approaching, click on any company logo on this page to see what they're up to!

Are you doing something for Supply for Lunch? Are you going to make an extra effort to visit the staffroom? Will you pledge to make the supply teacher a hot drink, on the house?

Let us know!

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Classroom Teachers - March 2014 Classroom Teachers - Supply for Lunch March 2014

Here at Classroom Teachers, in support of our supply teachers for Supply for Lunch, we visited a few schools where our supply teachers are based, to have a chat and deliver a treat! 

Classroom's Barbara, pictured here, was one of the consultants charged with handing goodies over to our supply teachers and TA's, who were pleasantly surprised to see her. She said of our Supply for Lunch efforts: "It’s gone a long way to show our excellent customer service and ongoing commitment to our teachers/TA’s in long term roles... ...So a great idea, let’s do it again next time!”


Classroom - Supporting Supply for Lunch

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School House Recruitment - March 2013 School House Recruitment Ltd is pleased to announce its support for ‘Supply for Lunch day’.  Any School who booked supply for the 11th March 2014 was entered into a draw.  The winning school received M&S lunchtime treats for the staff courtesy of School House Recruitment Ltd.

School House Recruitment - Supply for Lunch March 2014

School House Recruitment - March 2014


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Thames Teachers - March 2014 Thames Teachers Supply for Lunch March 2014Thames Teachers is proud to be taking part in the Supply for Lunch scheme. Since the scheme started, we have visited many of our teachers and support staff to talk and enjoy some treats! This week Lizzie from Thames Teachers visited Eleanor, a Teacher working at a school in Lewisham. 

“Upon arrival the playground was filled with excitement. That day the school had had a visit from the local Police Horses.  Eventually, after the children had calmed down and after chasing parents for signatures for school trip forms, Eleanor and I found solace in the staff room.  On behalf of Thames Teachers, I took along a box of goodies for both Eleanor and her colleagues.  We talked about her work and her home life. Eleanor is thoroughly enjoying her time at the school and I myself enjoyed the visit and the opportunity to see Eleanor in action. It was lovely to see how happy she was in the school and likewise, how happy they were with her – so happy that they have asked us to find a few clones of Eleanor for September!” 

Thames Teachers Supply for Lunch March 2014

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Thames Teachers - June 2014 Thames Teachers supporting Supply for Lunch June 2014The Thames Teachers Team love to visit our Teachers and Support Staff to see what they are getting up to in the schools we service. As trained teachers ourselves, we have an interest in seeing our candidates in action! While everyone who works with us knows that we are just on the end of the phone, we also like to catch up face to face so what a great opportunity to use Supply for Lunch as a great incentive to catch up over yummy treats!

We have taken part in previous Supply for Lunch days and excited to be doing our bit during National Supply Week! Two members of the Thames Teachers Team, Lizzie and Amy, met with a Teacher and a Nursery Officer we placed at a school in Newham. We took great pleasure in providing fabulous treats to our Thames Teachers supply staff and the rest of the staff at the school as we know how treats can minimize stress over such a busy period! It was great to catch up with Beth; a Nursery Teacher and Aaron; a Nursery Officer, and to see them in action.


We cannot wait until December for our next Supply for Lunch day, and are hoping to have lunch with some of our new starters come September – perhaps something festive and warming at that time of the year! 

Thames Teachers supporting Supply for Lunch June 2014

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Supply for Lunch - Testimonials Why is it important to support Supply for Lunch at least 3 times a year, if not every day?
I asked a few supply teachers for their input, asked them to tell me what really happens over lunch... And I'll be adding them here over the coming months...

October 2014:  I usually have too much to prepare so eat in the classroom but made the effort to take my lunch in the staffroom last week. I smiled at people, asked if it was ok to sit in a certain place, looked around to make eye contact but no-one spoke to me, they carried on their own conversation. Felt a bit lonely & awkward.  I did have a good experience a few weeks ago where everyone sat around a big table, it was really busy and I was spoken to and included. But I was covering for appraisals so had already spoken to a few of them - I think the problem is in a big school they just stare and think "Who's she?" Anon

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