The Supply Teacher - National Supply Teacher Week Wed, 20 Jun 2018 00:19:46 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb (The Supply Teacher ) National Supply Teacher Week 2016 - Principal Resourcing Principal Resourcing is proud to support National Supply Teacher Week 2016 for the fourth year running.

At Principal Resourcing we know that the key to our business is the recruitment and more importantly retention of quality supply teachers and support staff. We fully understand and appreciate the contribution supply teachers make, which is why we go one step further to ensure they feel valued.

We ensure all our teachers and support staff have access to free CPD and training throughout the Academic year as many feel they can miss out on this because they don’t have a permanent role.

In honour of National Supply Teacher Week 2016 we will be once again be taking nominations from our Schools and Academies and be presenting vouchers, champagne and chocolate hampers.

Alongside NSTW we also award Teacher of the Month and Term and are welcoming the return of our summer get together!

We will be holding several quiz afternoons during the Summer so our Supply Teachers can socialise with our staff and each other. We think these afternoons will really help our Supply Teachers to feel part of a team, with a support network around them able to assist and guide whenever they require.

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National Supply Teacher Week - Aims of the Week #5 National Supply Teacher Week – Supporting and celebrating supply teachers

Aims of the Week Series

Aim 4: To support supply teachers with their professional development

CPD isn't restricted to going to a twilight session provided by an agency. It can take a variety of forms, and quite often, supply teachers are undertaking CPD without realising it!

Schools don't always (think to?) offer an invitation to their supply teachers to join their INSET sessions. Agencies can't always afford to offer the range of CPD courses that their supply teachers wish for, especially when uptake is low. Supply teachers are often unaware of what is freely available to them in terms of CPD.

Someone must take responsibility. That someone could be the supply teacher themselves. It could be the Government, the local council, the local schools, the agencies or umbrella companies. When teachers are employed through a school, the school has some responsibility, but the teacher must act too. Schools want supply teachers who have up-to-date knowledge, but seldom invite them to INSET days. Supply teachers want more work, but some want their agency to provide all the CPD for them. They can be reluctant to pay for it too, especially as if they had a contract, they'd be paid to attend INSET days. Some agencies / umbrella companies don't provide CPD as it can be seen as too expensive, and their investment can walk away to another agency / into a permanent position, at any time. Money, time, effort. That's what it usually boils down to, from everyone's perspective!

In September 2014, I published a CPD Log template for supply teachers. Not only does this provide the template, but also gives an idea of what constitutes CPD other than the twilight sessions.  Also that month, I spoke at a REC Education Sector meeting to agencies about how we can improve provision of CPD for supply teachers.  In August 2013 I published CPD for Supply Teachers, the most recent review of which can be found here.  From October 2014, I aim to include one link each bi-monthly issue of my newsletter to a freely available online CPD course.

National Supply Teacher Week Aim #5

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Review of National Supply Teacher Week 2014 National Supply Teacher Week 2014It really doesn't seem like 6 months since #NSTW 2014 took place, it feels more like 6 years!  So much has happened since then, I find it hard to look back so far... But look back I will, and let's see what we all got up to.  First of all, feedback from some of the agencies (in reverse alphabetical order!):


SupplyMatch Teachers: Very good week!  We now offer Safeguarding Training and we are running a Behaviour Management seminar in August. Our staff social was a huge success :-) It was fab.

Provide Education Ltd:  We had lots of positive feedback from our campaign.  It was great to be part of it and fabulous that we had Sharon come and see us to present our award to one of our teachers in Barnsley.

Premier Education Ltd:  All of our supply teachers were made aware of what we were doing that week and a number were awarded for their work.  Yes we will be giving our support again!

EYPS Ltd:  Very happy to be involved with NSTW, think it is a great idea.

Capita Education Resourcing:  Extremely successful week.  We had a number of events, awards & prize draws.  A great event that highlights the importance of supply teachers and the value they bring to classrooms and schools across the UK.

A Star Teachers:  The week was a success - our supply teachers commented on what a great initiative it was and the thank you postcards were a lovely surprise to all. The social had a large turnout and we got to treat our supply teachers, encourage them to meet like-minded people and thank them again face to face for all of their hard work this academic year.  Keep up the great work!

Apple A Day Supply: Very successfully ended up touching upon most of the aims!  All of our teachers were thanked for their hard work and 5 teachers received a hand-made gift set for going the extra mile and being nominated by schools.  Great week - we all really enjoyed it and was brill to raise awareness to our schools.


As you can see from above, I visited a school with Provide Education to present an award to one of their supply teachers, a very proud moment even though I'd never met him before!  I also enjoyed afternoon tea with more supply teachers at Academics Ltd, chatting over a cake or two about supply teaching with all the positives and negatives that come with it.  Lovely to meet you all ladies!  I spent however, most of the week behind the screen, as I was sent information and details by various companies about what they were up to that week.  I had a few other meetings, but really didn't have time to get 'out in the field' as it were!

One memorable moment for me though was when I got a delivery of 150 presentation boxes of tea from Yorkshire Tea!  The lovely people there thought that during the Week, supply teachers deserved a proper brew! 

The pledges and activity reports from each company who supported National Supply Teacher Week 2014 are now archived, please do take a look, and encourage more people to do the same next year!

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National Supply Teacher Week National Supply Teacher Week - In support and celebration of supply teachers - June 13th - 17th 2016. If you would like to see your pledge and activities showcased, for free, simply get in touch.

In 2013, in association with, The Supply Teacher was proud to host the first annual National Supply Teacher Week, 17th - 21st June.  

Held in mid-June, National Supply Teacher Week is a chance for supply teachers to come together in support of one another, and give each other a great big pat on the back!


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