The Supply Teacher - Education News Wed, 20 Jun 2018 11:42:14 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb (The Supply Teacher ) New E-Book launch for KS3 Supply Teachers KS3 Time have launched a new Time Fillers e-book written with the KS3 supply teacher in mind.

This e-book contains around 20 activities that need little or no prior planning, preparation, or resources. Perfect for times when you find yourself with a few minutes to spare at the end of a lesson!

Written by A. Teacher, in conjunction with Sharon Wood (aka NuttySupplier), Time Fillers for KS3 is available from priced £2.75.

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CRB Checks out - DBS Checks in! Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks (previously CRB checks)

To coincide with the start of National Supply Teacher Week ;-) the Government launched, on 17th June 2013, their new Disclosure and Barring Service. The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) have merged to form this new service.

The new (optional) annual subscription of just £13 means your DBS certificate will be kept up to date so you can take it from role to role within the same workforce, where the same level and type of check are required. This could save you a lot of time and money!

With your permission, employers / agencies can check the status of your certificate online for free. They will be able to view the results instantly.

There have been teething problems however, as Tina-Louise from Strategy Education points out: 


DBS Tips from Strategy Education


Gavin at Principal Resourcing spoke recently with some of his candidates, who had this to say:

"For myself, the recent changes have been a huge weight of my shoulders as I regularly work through a couple of agencies and am also in the process of applying for permanent positions as well. In previous years I have had to pay each time for a new CRB under various agencies rules- some stipulating that I couldn't work in certain Schools without a CRB through a specific agency. This meant that I was having to pay upto £40 each time, which then had a negative impact on my bank balance if only one agency got me most of my work.

"I have found the new system very user friendly after speaking with Principal Resourcing, also, I am aware now that if I secure a permanent position directly with a School they don’t have to wait for checks to come back and can access my information online. The annual subscription is cost effective in my eyes for supply teachers on the whole also as its one payment, yearly.

"Overall, I have found the new system to be better and straight forward although it took time for my DBS to come back and overall improvement on the system- I wish this had been thought of sooner.


There has been a wealth of information offered on our Facebook page too, join us there!

For more information, visit:


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Emergency Lesson Plans for Lower Key Stage Supply Teachers Emergency Lesson Plans for the lower Key StagesLaunch News!

Due to demand, and following the success of the highly popular Emergency Lesson Plans for Key Stage 2 supply teachers, will launch Emergency Lesson Plans for Foundation Stage 2 / Key Stage 1 supply teachers, on 17th June 2013.

The content will be freely available at from this date, however, there will also be a handy PDF download at just £3.75.

This lower Key Stages edition was written by NuttySupplier with more than a little help from experienced teacher Sarah Priest. Sarah has worked in all year groups within the lower Key Stages, both as a contracted, and a supply teacher. She now works as an Adult Tutor for Independent Living and Learning, but keeps her hand in with the help of her two beautiful children aged 3 and 5!

The 232 lesson plans, covering all subject areas, require no planning, and few resources. They are intended for use by supply teachers when no other planning is available. Simple, clear springboards to help kick-start a lesson.

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E-petition News By Dennis Lane

In each of the last 3 years I have conducted a survey among primary schools on their use of staff during PPA time. The results have been quite consistent: 60% of pupils do not have a qualified teacher during their class teacher's PPA time. Unqualified teachers and support staff outnumber qualified teachers by about 3:1. All of this despite the fact that there are so called regulations and guidance that state that all classes must be assigned a qualified teacher to teach them. In addition to that Michael Gove has stated in Parliament that all children deserve to have every moment in class with a high quality teacher. There is an epetition in existence that asks for changes in legislation to ensure that only qualified teachers be allowed to take charge of whole classes:

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