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I worked a day's supply the other day and one of the permanent teachers walked past the door, came back and asked how my day had been. I nearly cried, it was so thoughtful, not to mention unusual!

I was doing a maternity cover and had a CPD course to go on so told my class that I wouldn't be there the next lesson and explained what work I would be leaving for them. There was one boy who was adamant that I wasn't allowed time off as I was a "sub" and "you can't have a sub for a sub!"

A little 5 year old boy came up to me declaring, "you remind me of someone." Really, says I, is it someone lovely? "Can't remember." Some time later in the day he wandered back over with an innocent look on his face. "It's my great uncle bill. He's dead old. In fact he's dead now." 

I worked for two weeks in a particularly rough all boys school where the year 10 class ripped the top off a lab bench, attempted to set fire to it and then threw it out of the 4th floor window (whilst I was frantically trying to get some support!) One week later the principal came into my lesson to talk to them, I was expecting him to lay down the law, he said "what am I going to tell my shareholders!?"

I loved overhearing the excited murmurs of "we've got a supply!" ripple along the corridor, followed by the "Oh, it's her" as they realised they would still be working.


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